Monday, June 3, 2019
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Petrodev Oil and Gas Limited is a company recently established by Nigerian oil and gas industry professionals and investors in recognition of the emerging opportunities in Nigeria′s upstream sector. Industry experts agree that the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry offers high quality assets with multiple opportunities for very attractive deals, some of the best deals across the globe at the moment. With a proven reserve of over 36 billion barrels of oil, Nigeria currently produces on average 2.4 million barrels of oil a day. Expectations are high for investors and potential investors that the oil and gas industry in Nigeria will grow to experience very significant boom in the coming years.

Petrodev is focused on acquisition of oil and gas assets in Nigeria by buying into currently producing oil and gas assets and through active participation in the up-coming oil blocks bidding exercise and marginal fields development program of the federal government of Nigeria. Our current focus is to achieve strong collaboration with our external partners to recreate the recent exciting success stories of companies who entered Nigeria′s oil industry a few years ago in recognition of its huge value potentials.


Petrodev mission is to create a strong corporate platform in the Nigerian oil and gas industry to manage oil exploration, development and other activities in a manner that ensures we make significant lasting contributions for the benefit of our shareholders, employees, communities and all stakeholders, and for the sustainable development of Nigeria.


Our vision is to grow through strategic partnership, robust assets acquisition and outstanding corporate performance to become a major player in Nigeria′s Oil and gas industry within 10 years, while ensuring that our operations are always carried out in a safe, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.


Our values represent the way we will formulate strategies, guide actions and execute projects. We seek to nurture all through our organization positive corporate values that will continue to reflect who we are and what we believe.

Performance - we will pursue outstanding business success to continuously generate value for all stakeholders on a continuing basis, while maintaining our integrity and ethical standards.

People - We believe that competent, high performing people and teams gives us our competitive edge. We believe that it is impossible to achieve excellence in performance without valuing people. Respect for people and appreciation of our human and cultural diversity therefore will remain key to our success.

Sustainable Development Social Responsibility as an oil and gas industry operator we take a long term perspective and will place the highest priority in the safety of our operations, and seek to preserve a the environment and contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the communities where we operate.

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